Serve Me

Hello slave, welcome and read this page in full.  My kingdom is a privilege to be in, so impress and please me.

Information: I am a spoiled Princess, so I expect only the best.  A tribute is required before you can speak to me, have at least that much when planning on interacting with me.  Be a good slave and have *MY* money ready

Use these links to spend on me and earn your way.  It is all about me me & ME!

Niteflirt Line:  1-800-863-5478 ext: 10479543 Call Button
Yahoo: Be a good dog and message only with your Tribute ready
"ThePrincessBae"/Skype (Upon request)

Tell Me Your Dirty Little Secrets: Call Button 
Tributing via Online Gift Cards

 I do accept Amazon GC, but CASH is king! I increase the rate for giftcards, so ready that wallet.

I do NOT want to hear from

Rude Bitches and Assholes who think they can boss me around

Hand that cash to it's rightful owner, ME

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